In the lights of current events happening in our neighbourhood, SOBA dedicates this manifesto to all beating hearts that believe in peace.

Peace as a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. 
Peace as the state of mind and approach to the new days ahead of us.
Peace in daily objects that surround us and fulfill us.
Either that is a lamp that literally brings light into our darkness, a cozy sofa that cocoons us after stressful days or a book that feeds our individual souls.
Countries, heads of states, large and small companies and individuals have raised their voices and are currently helping those in need.
With actions needed. Soba hasn't waited a single minute and has decided to donate 5% from each purchase to the organization Unchain.
Unchain is a charity project created by blockchain activists to support Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

We believe that a single act of kindness has a trace that will remain seen even if the deepest dark.
To SOBA, who is based in Croatia, these traces of human kindness are still to be seen from the days when our citizens faced those dark moments back in the 90s. As a small country, we might be poor but our hearts are big.
Our homes might be small but we fulfil them with items that mean things to us. 

That being said, SOBA thoughtfully decided to re-connect with their partners, to get even stronger and bring to you new items that are built to last, with a sustainable approach and that are not meaningless materialistic needs, but objects that can be passed as heritage.

Expect this month new brands to be presented as part of SOBA, that share our ethos and modus operandi.

Thank you for being part of SOBA through these days and let's stay connected. Because only together, in peace we can create bigger things for days to come.

May peace be our state, not just our wish.

SOBA - April 2022