Candl Stack - Limited Edition - Green & Yellow Candle

Candl Stack - Limited Edition - Green & Yellow Candle

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CANDL STACKS is the fruit of the search for a new way of using candles. 

Designed by creative Stan Verstraete and produced in Europe to the highest standards, the candles allow you to create your own shape, size, and color scheme of the candles by separating modules.

At SOBA we have selected some of the stacks we believe are going to bring joy and the new statement pieces to your home.

This Limited Edition Candl Holder is surely an eyecatcher, mix of the colors for your perfect tablesetting. The box contains a stack made out of 4 modules -  3 candles accompanied by one Candl holder ( as seen in the photo ), each with a wax candle holder.  

Approximate burn time complete set: 110 Hours.


Module1: 7 cm x 6 cm
Module 2:  10 cm x 3 cm

Module 3: 7 cm x 6 cm

Module 4: 10 cm x 6 cm


Well, it is pretty simple. Just use the matches or a lighter to light the candle and enjoy its beauty.

Oh, and yes, don't forget that you can build up your own shape or separate the candle to create a candle made by you. Well, almost made by you.
After that feel free to invite your family, friends, or lovers to enjoy the cozy candlelight ambiance.