The first day of January at Soba is always reserved for reflecting on the year behind us and manifesting the upcoming cycle of the year.

On several occasions, we've had the opportunity to express our gratitude, and we'd like to take this chance again. Being part of our design community, the design universe, means a lot to us. It allows us to grow in a way that helps us meet our goals and consistently deliver designs that, in co-creation with you, become integral parts of your interior projects and homes.

In 2023, significant changes occurred as we relocated our office and opened a by-appointment showroom in the hybrid space NON x SOBA in the heart of Zagreb. Following numerous delightful meetings from Salone Del Mobile through the last summer days in Copenhagen, we worked patiently to introduce new brands into the SOBA portfolio. Karimoku Case Study, Normann Copenhagen, and ferm Living – each unique in its own way – joined the Soba design universe. We are proud to share these additions with you daily through our main Social Media window, Instagram. @soba.hr

Looking back, the past year was prosperous and eventful.
In light of the new year and global events, we strive to focus on making our small part of the world better.

How can an individual make a change? Or, better yet, how can a brand like SOBA positively influence people, not just as "another shop" but as an inspiration, a guide, a new way of approaching things?

We cherish a peaceful world and mind, yet we acknowledge the uncertain times we live in and the necessity for resilience. Hypocrisy is an issue modern society faces today. Some self-proclaimed sustainable brands label their products as eco-friendly, while their CEOs frequently fly in private jets. This raises a critical question: Can we truly be sustainable in a modern world industry where goods are manufactured globally and transported to end customers?

We firmly believe there is room for sustainability. As we mentioned last year and will continue to emphasize every year:

Let's not settle for pre-made furniture destined to fall apart.
Instead, invest in something made to order and built with quality as the signature to each piece.
All our thoughtfully selected furniture is crafted with you, the user, in mind, and we promise it will be worth the wait.

If you can patiently wait for a beauty appointment for more than a few weeks, we believe a new piece of furniture is worth waiting for. Not only because it will likely outlive you, but it will also allow you to create a space you call home – your nest, your safe place.

Let's change our perspective on material possessions.

Whether it's a chair, a lamp, a mirror, or a sofa, no matter how small or big the piece you decide to buy at SOBA, make it last. Take care of it, and when you're ready for a change, consider reselling or gifting it. In doing so, we contribute to positive change as individuals on this planet called Earth.

Changing for the better sounds cheesy, but it's as simple as it should be.

Let's celebrate constant positive changes that can lead to positive ways and influence future generations. Leave them with good design as heritage while enjoying moments surrounded by crafted beauties.

So, one more time, let's co-create your spaces. Reach out to us, and with all our creative powers, let's make things together.

Coexisting and co-creating in 2024 with a more sartorial approach to design.

For the days ahead of us,
CEO and owner of Soba,

Mario Vurdelja