SOBA has teamed up forces with the outstanding architectural studio, interior designers & local craftsmen in order to help you shape your "raw" plan into the reality.
Guided with your core needs and primary ideas, we will co-create the space that will combine functionality with the new aesthethics, elements that are representing yourself or your brand in the most noticable light.

So how does this SOBA planning works?

We love to take things step by step. 

* Aproach us via email at with your core idea and needs. 

* SOBA will briefly respond in a time frame of 48 hours with an email and most likely a proposal for a meeting because we truly belive that an engaging talk can answer more than any written email.

*After the meeting, SOBA and the partners will have a brief analysis from architectural and design points of view to set a project concept and start creating first drafts of your future space.

*You will recieve the proposal according to our agreements.
*If you like it, we will do it. It is simple as it sounds.
Simple as it should be.

*From this point on SOBA will develop a concept that gurantee a best possible result. Our partner architects will do a detailed space planning with a strong focus on interior functionality. That will allow the space to adapt creations by product designer who will develop unique, functional and aesthethicaly pleasing space. Whole project is the result of a quality teamwork, that is why our trusted contractors will ensure to meet your and our expectations. Because that way we will create the space for all your senses.You will be able to touch, see, smell and even feel the interior that we will create for you. 
Well, not to keep it any longer. Reach us.

Wabi Sabi Interior Light Colors Scandinavian Furniture
Modern Marble Kitchen With Wooden Elements and Glass Pendant
*  furnishing & vizualization of the private apartment located in Kvarner bay.