A new year brings with it the promise of fresh beginnings and exciting possibilities.

At Soba we’re ready to co-create 2023 as an unforgettable year with our established partners that stand by the values we’ve held dear throughout last year. 
This year, let’s go beyond trends and aim for timeless designs that will stand the test of time. 
Our curated collection is thoughtfully refreshed with some novelties presented by our close partners such as New Works, Norr11, MENU, By Lassen, Fundamental, and others. 
Inspired by classic aesthetics, high-quality materials, and a dash of Danish heritage let's bring together novelties into your interiors. 
Let's not settle for pre-made furniture that will eventually fall apart. 
Invest in something that is made to order and built with quality as the signature to each piece. 
All our thoughtfully selected furniture is crafted with you, as a user, in mind and we promise it will be worth the wait. 

That is where patience comes in as the main asset.

We understand that patience is a virtue and we care about your satisfaction. That’s why our partners take extra time for quality control and to ensure each piece of furniture meets our high standards of excellence before it reaches your doorstep. 

The estimated delivery and production time of a tailored Sofa sometimes it takes up to 10 weeks, which is normal in the nowadays furniture industry. 
However, we encountered many questions about why it takes so long and why we don't store all the items in our warehouses.
The answer will be simple and short. 

Because there is no warehouse big enough to store every single item from our curated collection of furniture but mainly, because with made to order items we make them for you lowering the negative impact on our planet. 

Saving the planet, your money in exchange for a bit of your time.

So, if we can await those beauty appointments for weeks, why don't we embrace with patience when we await the Sofa, Chair, or whatever designer piece that will last for generations?
Together, we’re building a community that values beautiful aesthetics, responsible design, and sustainability. 

e want to thank you for joining us and helping create Soba, a place where our love for design reaches you. 

We want to hear your ideas and opinions on how we can make this community better, so reach us anytime via social networks or email. 
Let's get and remained connected.
With joyful wishes and many things to come in the upcoming days and months,
Mario Vurdelja
Founder of SOBA.HR