Since the establishment of SOBA and setting the very first core values, we set principles for a sustainable approach to design. Brands that we carefully create partnerships with, their products, responsibility on used resources, clear and fair view on a production chain.
Our commitment is to maintain our approach in every segment of expansion of SOBA assortment and stay true to SOBA vision and goals even in the challenging moments.

In a time of global civilizational change, new approaches, and obstacles that require innovative solutions, the home has become a mirror of ourselves.
Most of the businesses, small or big, fell under influence of the post-pandemic crisis, logistic “knots” and the rise of prices of raw materials that reflect on the price of each product being produced.
Universal information available in just a few clicks, undeniable facts important for the sustainability of us as individuals, but also the planet on which we "visit" have become features of our interiors and objects in it.
So how does that reflect on SOBA, on our point of view?
Minimalism, eclecticism, industrial or Scandinavian style - sounds familiar?

Many will agree that it sounds outdated and expected. Those are given forms and molds by which it would be "easier" to determine the style of decoration in past.
Interiors, like people today, no longer can and should be labeled. 
Today’s interiors contain unexpected elements and sometimes it seems as if we are looking at a hyperrealistic visualization of the space in which we find ourselves. 
Seemingly incompatible, yet perfect in one image.

SOBA believes that new interiors outline the direct awareness of sustainability, our way of life, and our openness to new, innovative, and slightly different objects that surround us.
On the Croatian market, we have already brought various items that have captured the attention of our clients with their appearance, but also won them with their honest story because they push the boundaries of what is expected nowadays.
We hope that in this month you will find a trace of inspiration at SOBA and that you are ready to enrich your interiors with new items that promote mentioned approaches and forms in art appropriate to the time in which we live in.
Let's invest in items we can pass after as a family heritage to the ones that we care the most for.
This is the month dedicated to love towards sustainable design items and new approaches in interiors. 
In the name of love, aesthetics, and the environment.

Mario - founder of